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Relax and let go of the pressure you put on yourself.
Enjoy a lasting sense of accomplishment.

Do you hold yourself to a higher standard than most people?  

Do you ever feel guilty for procrastinating?

Do you strive to make things perfect but still feel like they are never good enough?

I understand the pressure it creates.

That pressure practically killed me. In a weird way, it saved me, too. That's the paradox about pursuing perfection. 

It feels like a superpower. Except when it doesn't.

The pressure sent me crashing to my kitchen floor. I howled out all hope.

I was sure I was a failure.

It was so hard to ask for help. But I did.


And now I've tapped into my true superpower.

Are you ready to rock your true superpower?


Let's chat about how to do that. 


Schedule a free discovery call with me.


Portrait of Beautiful Woman

Ngozi O.

. . . Anything about perfectionism, procrastination, or self consciousness, I would strongly recommend . . . combines new scientific information and spiritual insight to troubleshoot your compulsive nitpicking and create a new way of living.

Woman's Portrait

Lingga K.S.

 It's a must . . . a great help for you who are perfectionists and always expect yourself and others to be faultless . . . It's ok to have mistakes. Overall, it's a 5-star course that every woman should take. Thank you for taking me on this journey.

Man with Crossed Arms

Steve Garvin

Gifts Into Gold

You helped me bring it to a new level! . . .

People saying yes! And I'm taking action. . . .

I've launched the World of Difference Toastmasters club . . . we're making steady progress towards chartering. And having a good time while we're at it!

Don't wait for things to be perfect, Take action by joining this program. 

Smiling Blonde Woman

Gena A.

This unique program will help you gain more awareness on how perfectionism shows up in our lives and how it keeps us from living our fullest potential. You will learn how to quiet the raging storms within and how to tame your inner critic to live more freely with love, compassion and grace for yourself and others.

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