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Coaching for perfectionist leaders who don’t feel “good enough”

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back!

Learn proven strategies to push past obstacles and

enjoy a lasting sense of accomplishment.

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Are you a coach or consultant striving to make things perfect in your business?


You want everything to be perfect before marketing, selling, or launching your services. You spend hours going over every detail but still find things that could be slightly adjusted.


Can I tell you a secret?


It’s okay to not make them perfect. You don’t have to make everything perfect to feel perfectly good about yourself and your business!

Is this you?

High Standards?

You hold yourself to a higher standard than most people.


You feel guilty procrastinating or when you don’t get things done on time.

Not Good Enough?

You strive to make things perfect but still feel like they never are good enough.

You've done a lot of work already, but this perfectionism thing is still coming up. It hinders you from not launching your program, pivoting your business, or providing your clients with the new tools you developed.


It’s time to always feel good enough. If you’re ready to let go of the pressure you put on yourself and enjoy a lasting sense of accomplishment, let’s connect! We’d love to help you create a successful coaching business that fills you with joy!

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How We Can Help

1:1 Coaching and Group Programs


A comprehensive, step-by-step system that will give you both immediate and long-lasting results in your personal and professional life.


Learn proven strategies to help you stay in your most productive “sweet spot” as a perfectionist. Learn how to let go of the pressure you put on yourself while keeping your high standards so you can run your business from a sense of complete acceptance and be grounded in who you are and what you offer.

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You helped me bring it to a new level! . . . People saying yes! I'm taking action. . . and having a good time while we're at it! Don't wait for things to be perfect, Take action by joining this program. 


 You will learn how to quiet the raging storms within and how to tame your inner critic to live more freely with love, compassion and grace for yourself and others.



I stopped blaming myself and I started recognizing that it was these characteristics that were perfectionism. It took so much shame and pressure off of myself and allowed me to love myself  more.

Welcome to Habitual Happiness Hub

Habitual Happiness Hub is a safe place for all perfectionist leaders who don’t feel “good enough” in their business or life.

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth, and I help perfectionist coaches and consultants nurture their true inner genius. They break free from perfectionism mindset blocks so they can lead from a place of self-love and acceptance.


 Like you, I’m a perfectionist. I struggled for a long time in my business trying to make sure everything was perfect. It left me anxious, burnt-out, and was not a sustainable way to run my business.


After asking for help, I found that just because I strive to be perfect doesn’t mean I am not already good enough. I discovered the blocks that were holding me back and now lead from a place of complete acceptance in myself. Grounded in who I am. Perfect, or not!


Now, it’s my passion to serve other perfectionist leaders and help them break free from the pressures of perfection. You can live a dream life beyond perfection - let me show you how.


Imagine running your business and feeling . . .



A lasting sense of accomplishment


More Confidence

More confidence in yourself and being present every day.



Proud of your personal and professional achievements.


Peace of Mind

At peace with your business and home life.

You are already GOOD ENOUGH. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back. Lead with confidence and create the life and business of your dreams! 

We’ll show you how.

7 Powerful Practices to Put Perfectionism in Its Place

Put Perfectionism in its Place-CoverImage.png

Struggling to get things done perfectly?

These practices will help you:

  • Find peace with imperfection by embracing it as part of the process

  • Get out of your head and into action so you can make meaningful progress toward your goals.

  • Free yourself from guilt and self-doubt by making room for mistakes, failures, and setbacks.

  • ​Experience more joy in your life by being kinder to yourself.

  • ​Break free from procrastination by taking action on what matters most to you.

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